Enjoy Vivaldi’s Symphony of

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Let Vivaldi take you on a delicious Italian culinary journey,
a chance to sample the genuine flavours and recipes of every region of Italy

Enjoy a symphony of culinary concerti, each with its distinctive movements of regional dishes and flavours —

Antipasti, Insalate e Contorini, Primi, Secondi, Pizze Rosse, Pizze Bianche, Calzoni, and Dolce, in a harmony that will tantalise and delight your taste buds.

Our family run restaurant showcases the beautiful produce
& cooking styles from every region of Italy
Enjoy wood fired pizzas and more.


Private Functions

For groups of >20 we can arrange a private function for you and your guests.

Available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday for lunches. 

Home Delivery

For home delivered meals.